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monday, november 14, 2011

Super Chikan Playing a Shotgun Guitar

ACK! I got way behind updating information about Super Chikan! I have videos from his 2011 Juke Joint Festival and 2011 Sunflower River Blues & Gospel Festival on the way. One of them even features Super Chikan playing a shotgun guitar. Matter of fact, since I'm already posting, here is the vidoe of him playing a didley-bow guitar made out of a shotgun!

 Have also added a nifty Google Trends tracker for the search terms "super chikan", it's at the bottom right of the page.

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thursday, december 16, 2010

Super Chikan Brings in the New Year at Ground Zero Club

Super Chikan, will be ending a great year of accomplishments by ushering in the new year of, 2011, by playing at the, Ground Zero Club, in his home town of, Clarksdale, Mississippi. 

According to the schedule, Super Chikan and the Fighting Cocks, take the stage at 9pm (Central Time). 

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Super Chikan Yodeling at the Sunflower River Blues & Gospel Festival 2010

Super Chikan gives some insight to his, custom made guitars, and shows that he yodel as well!

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sunday, september 12, 2010

Super Chikan Fan Submits A Video-HenPecked
This is a video submitted by a, Super Chikan Fan, titled, HenPecked.
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tuesday, august 17, 2010

Super Chikan plays, Hey Super Chikan, one of his 13 Delta Blues originals off his 2009 CD titled, Chikadelic. The "album" garnered him 4 nominations from the, 2010 Blues Music Awards (formerly known as the, W.C. Handy Awards), winning in the catagory of, Best Traditional Blues Album of the Year. WAY TO GO SUPER CHIKAN!

I used a Flip HD Video, to capture this moment. Although I was able to get some great up-close video of Super Chikan, I was too close to the stage to do the audio any justice.
Buy the Chikadelic CD to enjoy the better audio, and watch the vid muted! Tongue out

Interesting Facts About the Chikadelic Album: Recorded in Norway at the famed Juke Joint Studio in Notodden, using the original mixing console equipment from, STAX Studio.
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Welcome to the Super Chikan Fan Site-"SOMEBODY SHOOT THAT THANG!"

Greetings, my name is, Johnny West, and on this site I hope to reflect the respect I have for, Super Chikan.
I'll include what I know about him, and maybe a few things even he don't know about his self!

Who is Super Chikan?

Mr. James Louis Johnson came into the world during the year 1951, in the Mississippi Delta region. By the age of 6 he had earned a name for himself because of his special understanding of chickens, in which it was his job to tend to them, because he was not quite old enough to "work the [cotton] fields".

Even at an early age, he possessed the wisdom of a grown man and realized, "there has to be an easier way to do this", so he learned how to "talk" like the chickens... and soon ruled the roost. Other people soon noticed his special ability in handling the yard birds and by the age of 6 gave him the name, "Chikan Boy"

 So far, as the story goes, nobody has been credited for giving Mr. Johnson his first guitar, which was a "diddley bow", but it would not surprise me if it was his uncle, "Big Jack Johnson".

By the age of 13, he knew what he wanted to do in life, and that was play guitar and entertain people. So he went to the Salvation Army store in Clarksdale, Mississippi, and bought himself  an acoustic guitar that had 2 strings on it! It didn't take him long to figure out that them store bought guitars were not always the best, so he started building his own.


In his early adult years, Mr. Johnson became a taxi driver in the town of Clarksdale and because of familiarity with the town and his ability to get you there super fast, he sooned earned the name, Super Chikan.

I'm sure this was also his CB "handle" when he later on made a living as a long haul truck driver, before he decided to dedicate his life to music... and Folk Art.


  • 2004 Mississippi Governor's Award for Exellence in the Arts
  • 2006 Library of Congress featured Artist
  • 2010 Blues Music Award-Best Traditional Blues Album of the Year (Chikadelic)
  • Delta Bluesman Legend Status


Super Chikan Folk Art Guitars
"I was doing recycling before recycling was a word"

Super Chikan-23rd Sunflower River Blues Fest.

I Went Down to the Crossroads
Hwy 61 meets Hwy 49-THE CROSSROADS
"and met Super Chikan"

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